What’s In It For ME?!

All-day long, we subconsciously and consciously contemplate this question.

What’s in it for ME?!

Your audience is asking this very question! They want to quickly hear that you are interested in them and that you are offering them value. The value you offer can range from pure entertainment, support, providing them a service, or educating them so their life will be better in some way.  

So tell them! In the first few minutes make it perfectly clear to your audience how they will benefit from your presentation. Then keep reminding them.

Here are some phrases to use when giving a presentation:

  • At the end of this presentation, you will be able to…
  • I know all of you are struggling with–name a problem–I am going to help you solve this problem.
  • This presentation will help you-make more morning, be more productive, finish your work more accurately, save you time, etc.
  • Our meeting today will help you streamline your work, so you finish accurately and quickly.

When networking or meeting with someone they are also thinking about what is in it for them. So tell them at the beginning of your interaction and keep it in the front of your mind throughout. 

 Here are some sample starters for networking:

  • I am glad we were able to meet so that I can learn more about you.
  • I am interested in your business.
  • Can you tell me more, please?
  • Tell me about your family, business, problem, etc.
  • I am interested in how you—-, or what you…. Or where you…
  • During our appointment, I want to find out how I can help you with …

Then remind them at the end of your interaction that you had their needs in mind throughout the interaction:

  • I enjoyed learning about your business.
  • Follow the steps outlined today to streamline your work, so you are more accurate and finish more quickly.”
  • The procedures we discussed will help you feel better soon.
  • The new techniques discussed will help you improve your sales process.

By framing your message around WIIFM, you will find that people are more willing to follow your directions and suggestions. And because you flattered them by listening to them and framing everything to their needs, they will find time to learn about what is important to you and they will tell others how your ideas were so perfect for them. Let me know how this changes the effectiveness of your team meetings, presentations, elevator speeches, or even getting your children to follow through on their chores.

Unsure if you are clearly communicating to your audience? Set up a free strategy session with me to talk about your problems and goals and to learn how you can progress.