Transition to the Next Level

Our current situation encourages us to reflect on our professional position, our career goals and how we may get to the next step. Often, the next career position requires us to both enhance and develop new skills.

If you are considering a managerial position, consider your communication skills. Listener friendly speaking patterns are essential for managers. Professionals who speak with a foreign or regional accent may question whether their spoken communication skills are advanced enough for a career promotion You may have some of the following concerns about the spoken English skills needed for a successful transition to a managerial position: 

  • The requirement to communicate with a greater variety of people.
  • The need to socialize and network comfortably and frequently.
  • The concern that unfamiliar colleagues will not adjust to your speech pattern. 
  • Finally, you may realize the need to advance your skills, but don’t know the best method.

Let me assure you there is a strategic method to advance your communication skills! 

To succeed in the transition to a managerial position, you just need to bridge the gap by developing the necessary skills.

 Let’s use the situation of renovating your home to understand the transitioning process.

Imagine you have a charming home in a great neighborhood, but your family has grown, and your home no longer meets your needs. You thought you had to move; but the truth is, you can easily remodel your home and stay in the same neighborhood you enjoy.

 Your home renovation will take three main steps:

 Step 1: Identify your desired structural changes.

To get started, an architect and builder help you define your needs, and then they will design your home renovation. This home plan will identify home spaces to keep, areas to enhance, and new spaces to be added. 

 When it comes to your English communication, you need the same process. 

 Your first step is to clarify your goals, evaluate your current level, and then set your plan to enhance your skills and build additional skills to reach your goals. 

 Step 2: Enhance your existing structure. 

Next, the builder starts renovating your current space. Each day they make progress toward your updated and expanded home. A systematic process helps keep your family comfortable and excited during the changes. Neighbors often stop and admire the changes in your home.

 Step two in your English communication advancement begins with polishing your spoken English—so people focus on your message, and not on your accent. You will make progress each week with consistent practice. You are mastering the essential pronunciation patterns, vocabulary, and networking skills to competently communicate with colleagues and supervisors. During this time, you will notice others reacting to you differently! People will comment on your message rather than asking you about your accent.

 Step 3: Complete the addition. 

The builder adds the needed additional space to your home. Now, your family comfortably fits into your home, and you have room to entertain others. Your family loves their renovated and expanded home!  

 The last step to advance your communication skills is combining your polished English with advanced knowledge of business communication and etiquette, elevator speeches, and sharpened presentation skills. Now you possess the communication skills to become a manager in your field. 

 Just as a home renovation is possible, so is advancing your communication skills! 

 You can use these three steps to speak with clarity, confidence, and professionalism to transition to the next level in your career.  

 I help my clients following this exact three-step approach. 

 Before starting with me, my clients reported they felt hesitant and unsure about their ability to transition to the next level in their careers. Clients reported that people often looked confused and asked them to repeat their messages. After completing the program with me, clients are easily understood; people comment on their message, and don’t ask them to repeat themselves or want to always talk about their country of origin. They are both confident and capable of transitioning to their desired managerial position.  

If you want to do the same and learn about how I can help you, schedule a free 30 minute consultation today!