Speech Clarity and Confidence

Can I really change my speech? Yes! You are learning new things all the time. Everyone can improve their speech regardless of age and length of time speaking English. This training will not change your identity. You will continue to have an interesting accent, but, others will understand you the first time you speak.

Changing your speech pattern involves learning new ways to move your jaw, lips, and tongue, and improving your use of the rhythm and intonation pattern of English. Speech may be improved at any age with direct coaching from our specialists and daily practice. Improving your speech clarity will have a lasting positive impact on your professional and social life.

What is Speech Clarity?

Professionals need to speak clearly, at an appropriate volume and with a mature, confident voice to reach their audience. Clients will learn to modulate their voice so that it is an appropriate pitch and loudness for various situations. Clients will be guided to incorporate polished speech patterns such as full articulation of words and endings (jumpin’ vs jumping), standard grammar and resolve any articulation errors (such as using D for TH). With guidance and coaching you can speak clearly and confidently. This is a three session package; it includes a short evaluation completed in the first session. Additional sessions may be added depending on progress and goals.

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