Snow Idioms Can Be Used All Year!

Idioms can be challenging to master for second language users. My clients working on accent modification or accent reduction are always interested in learning how to use idioms more effectively.

Idioms can be mastered! Idioms work as shortcut to communicating a specific thought and they add interest to your communication.

Try these snow-related idioms that may be used at any time of the year.

Snowed under: means you have too much work to get out and do another activity. “I am snowed under during tax season and rarely see my kids before they go to bed.

Snowball effect: the action continues to grow-usually results in a negative outcome. “I missed the first deadline and that caused me to miss the next one and soon I was too far behind to catch up even with working late and weekends.”

Snowbound: I have just heard this used regarding too much snow to travel by car from your home. “In the south, people become snowbound when it just snows four inches but in the north, it takes a foot of snow for the same result.”

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