Save your Speed for the Pool!

Speed is a measure of success in sports. Here my daughter speeds to the finish. She is a 12 time All-American Collegiate swimmer.

Understanding is the measure of success when speaking. Professional speakers, Bruce Turkel and Jay Baer both advise speakers to pause and slow down! Pauses draw attention to important pieces of information. Pauses also allow your audience to process what you have said and to react. As a speaker, pauses are helpful to you too. The pause allows you to use your best pronunciation, to catch your breath, and formulate your next thought.

So save your speed work for the pool, the track, or the road.

How can you tell if you are speaking too fast? Ask a trusted colleague or family member for their honest feedback. Record yourself and critic yourself.

I also invite you to set up a time to meet with me. I can evaluate your speed and I will give you some tips for slowing your speaking rate down. Schedule a free strategy session today.