New season-New idioms.

Idioms are a great way to add interest to your communication. They often serve as a “short cut” to communicating an idea. There are many idioms in English that relate to seasons. Here are four, fall season idioms to add to your speech. The best way to add them to your speech is to make a specific plan when you can use them, practice the sentence prior, and then use it purposefully.

The idiom “turn over a new leaf” means to change a habit or learn a new skill or behavior.
Example: She was tired of repeating herself so she decided “to turn over a new leaf” and take communication training.
“To squirrel away” means to put something (gift, money, supplies) to use later just as the squirrels do with acorns and nuts in the fall.
Example: Parents work hard to “squirrel away” funds for their children’s college expenses.
“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” means a child has similar traits (looks or behaviors) as their parents.
Example: “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree”, when my children turned out to be wonderful swimmers just like their parents.
“Drive someone nuts” means someone’s behavior is very irritating to you.
Example: My manager “drives me nuts” when he continually interrupts me.

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