Making the Most of Season’s Greetings

From the fourth Thursday in November, when our nation joins together to celebrate Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day on January 1, people in the United States are swept up in the excitement of the holidays.  This time of year is filled with the communication demands of parties, errands, and shopping.

For some people, all of this personal interaction can be stressful. Do you find yourself worried about saying the wrong thing? Below are suggestions to help you give a sincere greeting. 

Here are a few tips for smooth sailing during your interactions this holiday season.

Make eye contact and smile. This is a season of giving and merriment, but the hustle and bustle can often leave us, and the people serving us stressed out and tired. Start off your engagements with eye contact and a smile. This common courtesy goes a long way toward spreading good cheer during these cold, dark days of winter.

When in doubt, stay general.  “Happy Holidays” is a greeting that encompasses the major holidays celebrated in the United States. Some people might feel you are diminishing the meaning of Christmas by not recognizing that specific holiday. Still, I prefer to look at it as you’re showing your respect for whatever tradition that person observes.

Know your holidays. It helps to know the dates of the significant celebrations celebrated in the United States. Christmas day is December 25. It is common to give the greeting, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day and a few days prior. This year, Hanukkah or Chanukah occurs Dec. 22-28 and during this time, greet your Jewish friends with Happy Hanukkah.  Winter Solstice this year occurs on December 21. An appropriate greeting is Happy Winter Solstice.  Kwanzaa always occurs Dec. 26-Jan. 1, and a standard address is Happy Kwanzaa. New Year’s Day is on January 1. It is common to wish everyone a “Happy New Year” from the end of December through the middle of January the first time you see or communicate with them.

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