Interview Preparation Training

Interview preparation is crucial for securing your desired job. Successful interviewing involves showing how your background and skills match the companies needs and culture. Interviewing requires effective and confident verbal skills as well as soft skills that demonstrate your fit with the company culture. Our three-session program will guarantee that you enter interviews prepared and confident.

We use the first two sessions of our package, forming compelling and concise answers to standard interview behavior and skill based questions. We will develop responses using a proven method, and you will learn to use this method when asked novel questions. Further, you will learn to project confidence with practice on voice projection, emphatic intonation, and a positive attitude. We will brush up on soft skills, including handshakes, eye contact, small talk, and general etiquette. The third session will be a mock interview with industry related professional. You will “dress the part” for this interview, and the first 30-40 minutes will take place as an actual interview. The last 20-30 minutes, the professional will provide you with insightful feedback and additional practice.

Where Do I Begin?

The first step is a phone conversation to discuss where you are in your job search and what job you are seeking. Then we will schedule two, one hour sessions delivered in person or by Zoom meeting. The third session, the mock interview, will be scheduled after our first meeting. Additional sessions may be added depending on your progress and goals. Contact us today for more details.

Improve Your Interview Skills

Get the 8 tips that will make you more comfortable and more effective in your next job interview. Enjoy this free PDF.