Increase Meeting Participation

Directors and Managers, are you frustrated that some team members do not speak up in meetings?

Often, introverts or those who speak with a foreign accent are hesitant to speak up in meetings. They have ideas and hold back because they lack confidence and are worried others may not understand them.

Some high achievers may benefit from accent reduction or accent modification training. This training will help them speak with greater clarity and confidence. While some high achievers need to advance business communication skills such as elevator speeches, presentations, responding to questions and running meetings.

You can help these vital team members with some simple solutions:

1. Sending out meeting agendas early so they can plan their comments.

2. Asking employees a question you know they can answer easily and quickly. For greater success-be sure to tell your employee that you will be asking them this question prior to the meeting.

3. Use break-out groups with cameras on–to reduce the stress of a large group. Require everyone to comment in these break-out groups.

Communication skills are necessary for career progression-just as are technical skills. Offer these vital team members the opportunity to get strategic coaching. Strategic coaching will advance both the company’s success and your team members’ success.

Triad Speech Consultants can help your high achievers advance their spoken English and business communication skills for greater success. Schedule a free consultation today!