Improving Any Skill Takes Three Steps

Improving any skill takes the same three steps.   

Step 1-Clearly determine what you want to improve and commit to the process of improvement. 

Step 2:  Enhance your current skills. 

Step 3:  Add new skills.

The essential ingredient to improvement is having a coach or a partner to keep you focused and on track.

December 1, 2020, I determined and committed to improving my fitness for a ski trip with my family.  I reached out to my LinkedIn community to be my partner and keep me accountable by launching the 21-day Ski and Speaking Challenge.  

Each day I am posting a fitness activity and a speaking activity.  In 21 days, I am going to be more fit and confident for skiing and my network will have advanced their communication skills.

Please join me in this challenge!  Here is the first video from the challenge:

Day 1: voiced and voiceless sounds of English-this is key to improving English pronunciation.

My Day 1 of the Ski fitness challenge was to do 5 minutes of slow marching as well as walk 3-4 miles.

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