Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really change my speech?

Yes! Everyone can improve their speech regardless of age and length of time speaking English. Accent Modification training will not change your identity. You will continue to have an interesting accent, but, others will understand you the first time you speak. Changing your speech pattern involves learning new ways to move your jaw, lips, and tongue, and improving your use of the rhythm and intonation pattern of English. Speech may be improved at any age with direct coaching from our specialists and daily practice. Improving your speech clarity will have a lasting positive impact on your professional and social life.

What is the process for Accent Modification Training?

We begin with a phone consultation. This is followed either by an information session or evaluation. At the information session, a speech screening is completed, more details about accent modification training are provided, we look at the online practice program and 5 strategies for improving your communication are shared. The evaluation session is 90 minutes long and involves the instructor carefully listening to how you say words, sentences, and paragraphs while engaging you in conversation. The instructor will listen to your pattern of speech including articulation, rate, grammar, and intonation. A comprehensive report will be provided to you at the first session of training. At the evaluation session, you will get a link to the online training program, learn strategies for improving clarity, and we will begin work on one sound. At the end of the evaluation session we decide on either an 8 or 13 session program.

What about the process of accent modification for a regional accent or dialect?

We begin with a phone consultation. This is followed by a 75-minute evaluation session and 3 one hour sessions. The evaluation involves the instructor carefully listening to you say words, sentences, paragraphs and listening to how you converse. The instructor will listen to your pattern of speech including articulation, rate, grammar, and intonation. A comprehensive report will be provided to you at the first session of training. We will begin on your first target sound.

What is the online practice program?

The Compton Online Computer Program provides systematic practice for each of the 44 sounds in English starting at the word level and progressing to the sentence level. This program provides an auditory model of words, sentences and short conversations. It allows the instructor to provide real-time feedback after a practice session ends. The cost of the software application is $140 for a lifetime access and it is included in the total cost of our training program.

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held at our two office spaces in Winston-Salem, client’s work or school, or online. We can help clients from any location in the world.

Why can’t others understand me?

People born and raised in the United States have not had as much exposure to accented speech as people who in other areas of the world. Research supports when we listen to speech different than out own that it takes us longer to process, we remember less and we get tired faster. Some simple strategies that we cover during our Information session will help you be better understood right away.

Can I improve my speech by reading a book or listening to a book?

No. Improving speech requires learning and practicing the actual muscle movements to make lasting changes in your speech clarity. Just as you cannot think yourself to being a star athlete, you cannot think yourself to being a clear speaker. However, you can be a clear confident speaker with our guidance and regular practice.

What is the key to success in accent modification?

The key to success is attending sessions and practicing regularly between session. Clients in accent modification for foreign and regional accents/dialects can improve at least 50% on final evaluation. Improvement includes articulation, rate of speech, grammar and intonation. Regular practice is essential to make progress. Often, clients make more than 50% improvement in speech clarity.

How will I improve my presentation skills?

We will find out your strengths and areas of need and then systematically teach you and practice with you the needed skills. Organizing a presentation starts with a simple outline. You will learn ways to speak with good vocal volume and control with techniques and practice. We will start with very short presentations and then gradually add information, details and length.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are licensed, certified and experienced speech-language pathologists who have a Master of Art degree, and have taken additional course work in accent modification.

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