Accent Modification Training

Accent modification training is an investment in your career, business and social life. It is specialized training that is rarely included in foreign language courses. Traditional language courses train students to read English rather than to properly pronounce all sounds and use correct intonation patterns. Accent modification training teaches correct pronunciation, and use of rhythm, stress (of syllables and words) and intonation of English so that you are easily understood by your listeners. This training will not change your identity. You will still have an interesting accent, but others will understand you the first time you speak.

What will accent modification training do for you?

  1. Improve your speech clarity by at least 50% when the program is closely followed;
  2. Increase your success and enjoyment when speaking in social and professional settings;
  3. Improve your speech clarity on phone conversations;
  4. Increase your confidence and reduce your stress;
  5. Increase your professional opportunities and success.

Accent Modification training programs for non-native English speakers

We start with an evaluation, followed by an 8 session or 13 session program. The length of program is determined by the evaluation and each client’s needs and goals. Sessions are one hour in length. Clients will be given homework to practice their new skills. Each program comes with a lifetime access to the systematic, online Compton PESL Learning Lab. This program allows the instructor to provide real-time feedback on homework sessions.

Accent modification for English speakers with a regional accent or dialect

We start this program with an evaluation followed by a set of 3 one hour sessions. Single sessions may be added as needed and desired. Clients will be given homework to practice their new skills. The instructor will review submitted homework and send back auditory feedback.

Skills taught and mastered during Accent Modification training include:

  1. Clear pronunciation of key consonants and vowels;
  2. Clear pronunciation of frequently used words and phrases relevant to your profession;
  3. Use of correct syllable stress and word stress;
  4. Use of accurate intonation patterns and rhythm of English;
  5. Improvement of grammar as needed;
  6. Use of a confident, full-volume voice.

Results you can hear

Listen to the recordings below of two people that worked with Margaret for one hour each and hear the change they made in their speech. The woman is from India and the man is from China. In one hour, these professionals made noticeable improvement to their articulation and rate of speech resulting in good speech clarity. It is possible to transform your speech so that it is easily understood while maintaining your unique voice.

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