5 steps to praising team members

Compliments are expected in American business communication. However, some second language speakers of English may find giving praise challenging.

Each culture has different traditions for giving compliments. Does you culture give compliments?

Leaders use praise to encourage colleagues and to build relationships. Compliments may be skill to add when new to leadership.

Specific compliments demonstrate your attention and respect for other’s efforts. In addition, giving a compliment will make them feel better AND it will make you feel better too.

A short general compliment may delivered in a group or in passing.

However, longer and more specific compliments are best delivered in person and in private.

Here are 5 steps to giving a compliment:

#1: Define the specific action you want to compliment.

#2: If needed, rehearse the wording and delivery.

#3: Decide when to deliver the compliment.

#4: Smile and make eye contact.

#5: Be genuine.

Some examples:

  • Marcia, you did a great job responding to the client’s questions. Your responses were both succinct and clear. “
  • “Shuo, I appreciate the extra effort you put into finishing up the analysis. Your conclusions were excellent!”

Giving compliments are just one of the skills used in business communication. Our Communication Training programs cover many other essential business communication skills including:

*easily understood and heard American English

*responding effectively to difficult questions

*presentations skills

*succinct and organized spoken messages

*elevator speeches so you are remembered

*small talk

*using idioms to add interest to your message

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