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Archive for November 2018

More Silent Letters-article #2 in series

Why does English have so many silent letters and rule exceptions?  Most reasons for silent letters in English relate to the origins of the word.  For example, the word “knight” has two silent sounds-K and GH.  This word originated from the German word for servant, “knecht” in which each letter is pronounced.  English has many…

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Ready to Improve Your Speech? 25% off Small Business Saturday Sale

  Triad Speech Consultants is offering 25% off all of our training programs until December 25, 2018.  Savings will range from $18 to over $300 depending on your program.  Pay for your sessions at discount using the remainder of your professional development funds.  Then schedule your sessions to start in December or January.   We offer…

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Silent Letters in English-#1 in a series of 4

Silent letters are those that are important to the correct spelling of words but are not pronounced when speaking.  There are some general rules about these silent letters but as always in English there are always exceptions to the rule!  This is the first article in a series of 4 on the topic of silent…

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