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Archive for October 2018

Do you understand and use idioms?

We often refer the the United States as “the melting pot” what!  we are a big hot pot melting steal or wax?  No!  The United States is a wonderful mixture of people from all over the world. English is an idiomatic language and it is estimated that there are more than 25, 000 idioms in…

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Rules! Each Language and Dialect Follows a Unique Set of Rules

We absorb without effort the language rules of our first language and use them unconsciously. But, it takes conscious practice and effort to incorporate the language rules of a second or third language that is learned after age 13. Language rules affect both spoken and written communication. English has many rules that relate to correct pronunciation. Below are just…

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Five Ways to Improve the Delivery of Your Message

How you deliver your message is essential for your audience to hear, react and process your message.  Here are 5 tips to improve the delivery of your message. Speak with a powerful, mature voice. Speaking on a full breath of air will give you a voice that can be heard and a full breath of…

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