We help you speak clearly and effectively, allowing you to be understood and speak with greater confidence.

Typical English language courses focus more on reading and writing, rather than speaking. Often times, spelling does not match pronunciation. Our clients master pronunciation, and the use of rhythm, stress and intonation — improving speech clarity and becoming understood.

"Be Heard. Be Understood. Succeed."

You Can Be Heard and Understood...Without Losing Your Accent

Triad Speech Consultants will help you improve your speech so that you can communicate more effectively. We help people who are frustrated because their speech pattern does not match their professional goals. Most of our clients are frustrated because they are not well understood due to a foreign or regional accent .You are not alone. Many people have sought help in modifying their speech, including such famous people as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arianna Huffington. Each worked to polish their English so they were easily understood.

The goal of training is to be well understood while maintaining your unique and interesting voice.Our consultants design an individualized plan based on client’s goals and evaluation results. Our plan includes individual or small group sessions and valuable homework practice. Many of our clients see improvements in their speech clarity in as little as one session. Listen to recordings of our "Before and After" results.

Customized Speech Training With Programs for Every Speaker

Improving your communication is an investment in your future.

Accent Modification

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Accent modification training is based on the client’s needs and goals and the results of a comprehensive spoken English evaluation. Clients learn new speech patterns for pronunciation, rate of speech, intonation and grammar. Our clients improve their speech clarity by at least 50% over the course of the program.

Speech Clarity & Confidence

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Professionals need to speak clearly and with a mature, confident voice. With guidance, everyone can increase the volume of his or her voice and to speak confidently. Slight adjustments to pronunciation of words and word endings helps your speech to reflect your skills and talents.

Presentation Training & Prep


The business world needs to hear from you. Strategic instruction and practice helps clients to organize their message and deliver it effectively and confidently. We help clients develop a variety of elevator speeches, business pitches, and presentations.

Job Interview Preparation

Job Interview

Companies are hiring, but interviewing can be intimidating and it can be difficult to know how to prepare. We have a proven, successful interview package that will give you the skills to verbally present yourself effectively and confidently.

Take This Quick Quiz

Reflect on your speech as you answer these questions:

  • Are you often asked to repeat what you have said?
  • Do people often state that they do not understand you, or do they just smile back at you without making a comment?
  • Do others look puzzled when you are speaking?
  • Have you received professional feedback that you are difficult to understand?
  • Are you nervous and frustrated giving presentations, speaking on the phone, or in social situations?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, contact Triad Speech Consultants to find out if how we can help you improve your speech! We offer a free 30-minute phone consultation. We will informally assess your speech, describe our program, and determine if a next appointment would be appropriate.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

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Clients say...

Margaret has helped me improve my speech by helping me organize my message; use a loud, confident voice and has helped me improve my articulation. Her coaching has helped me to better communicate with large groups of people. I really appreciate all of her skills and I will continue to seek out more training with Margaret!

— Danielle Robinson, 18 Productions

“Margaret is a patient, supportive and knowledgeable instructor! I always felt comfortable working with her even when I struggled to change my speech. My speech is easier to understand and I am more confident presenting my ideas at work and socially. I have learned some valuable strategies so that I can continue to improve my speech clarity. I highly recommend Margaret Morris to anyone who wishes to improve their speech!”

— C.S. Programmer, Wake Forest University

Talk about a wonderful resource to make sure you are getting your message across! Margaret is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to speaking with intent and communicating effectively. I'm so thankful for her guidance and expertise to further my business goals!
--Natalie Sahloff
Margaret helped me to improve my English. After training, people understand me easily, I feel more confident speaking English. Margaret is a great speech coach.
--Natalie Perez
Before I worked with Margaret, I tended to "up-speak" during my presentations. I met Margaret through Flywheel Coworking and we worked together for two sessions before I presented at Triad Demo Day. She coached me to be more decisive in my speech which resulted in a successful presentation when it counted most. I cannot say enough good things about Margaret and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve upon their oral presentation skills.
--Clifton Duhan

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